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Easy Gardening Tips

Many of us maybe new to landscape gardening in the Las Vegas and Henderson climates so try some of these simple tips to make your garden grow and give you the best results possible.

Start with a small garden for first timers:

Many of us will be too ambitious on what we want in our garden. It will quickly become very frustrating when we are unable to keep it going, so starting off small is the first step to a successful garden. Small gardens are easily managed and will give you the ability to learn the basics of how to take care of a garden with less landscaping real-estate being used. As your skills slowly develop you will be able to take on larger tasks and expand your garden and ambitions.

Start a compost pile and use it once a year:

A compost is key to a successful garden so having an area in your landscape for this reason is a great idea. Spread the compost thin over your garden beds at least once a year. Make sure you mix the compost into your garden soil when you plant something new. This will give your baby plants the nutrients to grow faster and stronger.

If you do not have room in your landscaping for a compost pile, you can always purchase premade compost from your local plant dealer or hardware store’s garden center. This is usually an easier option for most but it also cost more instead of making it.

Healthy soil is a must:

Maintaining healthy soil is key to a thriving garden. Mixing compost in your soil is only one small part. You will need to avoid on compacting the soil too much and not allowing the plants to root properly and take in water. Try stepping in areas that would least effect the soil or damage plant roots.

On the flip side you also want to avoid working with wet soil because it will have a tendency of drying into large soil clumps of compact soil which again will hinder your plants from growing.

Mulch is your friend:

Mulch will help prevent weed growth while maintaining soil moisture and ground temperatures. Be gracious with mulch and spread it on everything you see in your landscaping. You can’t go wrong with mulch because it is not only good for your garden but also your landscaping so go wild!

Proper watering is important:

Make sure you deep soak your garden when you water. This will allow the roots to dig deep down inside the soil and get the nutrients they need. Try to water in the early morning so the plant leave will have plenty of drying time throughout the day preventing fungal diseases.

Start growing native plants:

Native plants are the easiest to grow with the least amount of effort or worry of pests or special care. This will allow you to learn the basic skills needed to tackle on more fragile plants in the future.

To find the best kind of native plants for the area you live in, contact your local garden shop expert or landscaping store to get their advice.

Minimum maintenance:

Cutting back on using fertilizers and only prune when necessary will allow you to grow a garden quickly with the least amount of trouble. Fertilizers and pruning will make your plants become tender which insects love. Never try to grow a plant faster than it should on its own. This rule works for both your garden and your landscaping.

Time spent in your garden:

Try to check your garden often throughout the day. Split times from the morning, and evening. Visiting often will allow you to adjust and fix any issues you see keeping your garden looking fresh and new instead of a major project on a day off. This time spent will allow you to take ownership of your garden and allow you to bond with the plants as they grow.

Having fun:

Hopefully this tips will help you feel confident to start your own small garden plot in your landscaping. It will give you relaxation and responsibility all at the same time. You will be excited to see your garden grow, bear fruit and your hard work pay off; which the one of the main reasons to have a garden in the first place.

If you would like to have a garden area plotted in your landscaping in the Las Vegas or Henderson areas and need some help, please contact JTB Landscapers for a free estimate today on all your landscaping needs.

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