8 Fast, Easy Backyard Updates to Try

Summer is the season when you’re spending more time enjoying the great outdoors. If you’re getting bored with your current landscape design or want to liven it up, there are plenty of quick, easy ways to instantly improve your outdoor aesthetic.

  1. Add or change your pavers
    Pavers come in all types of colors, designs, and sizes. Create a series of mini patios that can double as walkways or places to linger. Big islands of flagstone are perfect to achieve this aesthetic.
  2. Landscape water features
    Water features aren’t just gorgeous and tranquil, but also serve a functional purpose if you have drainage issues. If you’re challenged by low and damp spots, make use of the problem and turn it into a water feature.
  3. Indulge in planting beds
    Planting beds make a fantastic addition to any yard, but they can also camouflage unsightly leg supports or other eyesores. It’s often a lot easier (and more aesthetically pleasing) to hide yard issues with planting beds than any other type of solution.
  4. Make a grand statement
    From arbors to gazebos, these big statement pieces can make all the difference. Place them at your garden’s entrance for a regal welcome to your backyard paradise, or situate them as the focal point of your yard and create an instant gathering spot.
  5. Create an intimate sitting area
    You’ve worked hard on creating your gorgeous garden, so why not ensure it’s easy to sit and enjoy it awhile? Pathways are fantastic, but they should lead somewhere. Get creative when designing a sitting area, from wrought iron outdoor café tables to relaxing Adirondack chairs.
  6. It’s curtains for you and your backyard
    Homeowners rarely think of curtains when it comes to outdoor furniture and design, but they are the perfect addition to a pergola. You’ll enjoy instant privacy, and there’s a wide range of weather-resistant curtains available in all kinds of colors and patterns.
  7. Install reflection ponds
    This isn’t quite the same as traditional water features, and it is highly mobile seeing how it doesn’t require access to a water source. Reflection ponds are a welcome addition to any backyard, but are especially helpful if you want to make a small or narrow space look larger.
  8. Consider an outdoor fireplace
    There’s nothing like making s’mores in your own backyard to really enjoy the summer months. Fireplaces can come in all different price ranges, styles, and sizes, making it possible to find the right fit for you. Too hot to fire it up? They can often double as flower pots that are easy to clean when it does come time for spooky tales around the flames.

Making a big change to your outdoor space doesn’t necessarily require a lot of time, effort, or funds. A simple addition or two can quickly make your backyard the place to be this summer, whether you’re interested in increasing the peace or making your garden the ultimate social hub.

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