Outdoor Lighting

Creative uses of backyard lighting can provide homeowners with safety, security and aesthetics. Many low-voltage and solar lights offer environmentally and economically sound ways to illuminate walkways, decks and patios, landscapes and gardens.

Adequate lighting is essential for nighttime safety. Illuminating walkways and paths, around a pool and near entryways can prevent falls, tripping and other accidents for both homeowners and guests.

Burglars and trespassers are less likely to venture into well-lit areas. If your home is located in a wooded area or has a long drive or walkway, increased visibility will not only help you to feel safer, it is proven to deter intruders.

Backyard lighting can be used to create focal points, such as highlighting a bush, garden, birdbath or statue. It can also set the ambiance for a romantic evening, or a night of entertaining friends.

For many, lighting options need to serve multiple purposes and creative solutions can address safety, security and aesthetics.

Types of Landscape Lighting
Functionality, ease of installation and use and beauty are important factors in backyard lighting.

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