Landscape Design and Its Importance to Your Home

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Landscape design is about more than having a beautiful garden in the back of your home. Aesthetically, the landscape features on a property can boost and add to the value of your home.

What Is Landscape Design?

A landscape designer is someone who designs a plan for the outside of your home. They work with clients to create a vision for the property and suggest what would work best for their individual needs. A few of the things that are taken into consideration when designing the landscape are the climate, plant life, existing structures and budgets.

Why Is Landscaping Important?

Landscape design is an important aspect of the value and presentation of your home. It can make a huge difference in the curb appeal of your house. Landscaping creates value for your property as it provides privacy, a sense of serenity and an opportunity to showcase hard work.

7 Essential Components of Home Landscaping

Your hardscaping should be thoughtfully selected to complement your house and provide adequate space for outdoor activities. Curved pathways, ponds and play areas are other features that attract buyers. Explore ways to enhance your landscaping with the following elements.

1. Plants

One of the most essential components of a landscape is the plants. A well-placed color palette and varied species of plants can make a large difference in the attractiveness of your property. 

Small trees are also important in terms of design. Consider how you can use different kinds of trees to create eye-catching variations and beautiful focal points in your backyard. When the trees grow to a nice height, you’ll have a peaceful spot of shade where you can lounge.

2. Grass

Grassy areas can make your front or backyard look aesthetically pleasing and provide a backdrop for other features. Instead of needing to water your grass and hire professionals for maintenance, having a landscaping company install artificial grass offers a convenient solution. 

Synthetic grass looks perfect all year round with a fresh and vibrant appearance. This soft and comfortable material is an excellent option in areas where kids play outside. 

3. Pavers

Designated pathways add safety to any landscape. You and your guests will feel at ease following clear paths to an outdoor dining area, fire pit or pool. You could have cohesive and seamless walkways or spread-out pavers where you plan to take each step. 

You can also use pavers to make artistic designs in your landscape. For example, square pavers contrast nicely with artificial grass. Make a giant chessboard or explore other stylish options, like lattice patterns. 

4. Lighting

Investing in lighting can make you feel comfortable at night, so you can enjoy all your outdoor amenities. You could integrate lighting solutions on all your steps and near any pavers where you and guests will walk after the sun goes down.

Imagine all the things you can do with proper lighting for your backyard, such as host dinner parties. The right lighting solutions can enhance impressive landscaping components, like a waterfall or a beautiful sculpture you have on display in your garden. 

5. Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are essential components of home landscaping in sloped areas. They keep soil steady and can prevent erosion, protecting your outdoor elements and structures over time. 

Retaining walls can add some beauty and function to your yard. When made with natural materials, the walls make a cohesive and appealing addition to the environment. You can use them to create elevated seating areas that separate your space or build tiered gardens filled with gorgeous flowers. 

6. Shade Awnings

Protection from the sun is necessary, especially near Las Vegas. Stay cool all summer while enjoying outdoor activities under a shade awning. You can choose from many styles, colors and sizes to suit your property.

In addition to protecting your family from sun rays, a shade awning can prevent your rug, drapes and furniture from fading. You’ll save money by keeping the items you love in good condition and eliminating frequent replacements.

7. Water Features

Investing in water features is an excellent option for landscaped areas in dry regions. Waterfalls, ponds, fountains and streams can improve air quality and increase humidity levels. 

Water features offer sights and sounds that give your environment a spa-like appeal. You can feel at peace and relaxed like you’re in an outdoor oasis in your backyard.

How to Find a Quality Contractor

When choosing a contractor, it’s important to seek experience and professionalism. A good company will also have a portfolio of their previous work to show prospective clients. They should also be willing to offer written estimates and be available for questions in the lead-up to the design process.

How Landscape Design Impacts Your Home Value 

The price of a landscaped area is dependent on the size, location and design. The average cost for a new lawn can be anywhere from $1,000 to $8,000. If you want your space to really stand out from the rest you should consider adding water features and silk trees. This will make your landscape more unique while also increasing its value.

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Each element in your outdoor area plays a role in how people interact with your home, whether they are buyers who want to live there or just visitors who want to enjoy the scenery. From an investment standpoint, you should always pay attention to how you can boost the style and value of your property over time.

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