Landscaping Key Features

The mature trees and plant material in this yard provides the homeowners with total privacy. Potential buyers know that it takes years for a new landscape to provide these benefits and they are willing to pay more to get a yard with established trees and plants.

Some key features are known to add immense value to a professional landscape design. So keep these in mind when you are discussing your options with a UNIQUE landscape designer:

  • PRIVACY- Privacy is a significant factor for many home buyers. Almost 60% of buyers place this feature at the top of their new home wish list when considering outdoor features and must-haves.
  • TREES- Trees are a great way to achieve privacy and enjoy added benefits like shade and increased beauty. A single mature tree can add over $7,000 to the sale price of a home in Phoenix. Think about the strategic placement of large trees to create privacy, shade your home to lower the cost of cooling, and add beauty to your view.
  • PICK THE RIGHT PLANTS- Low maintenance is vital for many homeowners. Easy-care plants limit the time invested or cost to hire someone else to provide maintenance. It also limits the debris in your yard. No one wants to sit outside and watch leaves and dried-up flowers blowing into the pool. Don’t worry if you are not sure which plants are considered low maintenance. Your UNIQUE design pro can assist you in selecting a beautiful but easy to maintain plant palette.
  • ADDED LIVING SPACE- Adding patio space to your home is the most cost-effective way to increase your living space. You are almost guaranteed to see a full return of your investment when you have added patio space professionally installed.
  • OTHER DESIRABLE FEATURES- With the addition of outdoor living space, think about including a shade structure, fire pit, and outdoor kitchen to your design. All of these features add enjoyment and function to the extra space, are considered desirable by homebuyers, and increase the value of your home.

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