Best Hot Weather Plants

The Las Vegas and Henderson valleys can become a major scorcher in the summer months reaching outside temperatures upwards of 116 degrees!
hot weather plants.

At JTB Landscapers we understand what this extreme heat can do to your landscaping and we are constantly looking for right type of plants that will still make your landscaping have curb appeal while surviving the summer months.

Here are a few ideas of plants you may want to look into for the hot dry summer heat:

Cactus is the number one plant choice to survive extreme dry heat. The cactus can stay healthy and green with very little water and allows beautiful flowers to bloom throughout the year.

Salvia plants have a luscious green color with red flowers that will bloom annually in hot weather provided they are getting plenty of water.

Sunflowers will always brighten any yard with their yellow and green and can stand up to warmer climates.

Yucca plants can be either indoor or outdoor plants depending on the climate. If hotter weather is a factor, you can have Yucca plants grow outside. They have the ability to grow rapidly and fill up dead space of the yard.

Dahlias can come in a huge variety of colors and shapes with beautiful flowers. These are a good choice for any garden.

Aloe Vera can grow quickly like a weed and love hot weather. The benefits to these plants is the pure aloe gel you can collect from them year round to be used for skin rash or sunburn.

Geraniums can be grown in a garden or be potted plants. They however need a lot of water to survive.

Bougainvillea is one of the most colorful hot climate plants and are perfect for climbing objects like a fence or wall.

Eucalyptus can grow as a tree or a shrub. This extraordinary flower can easily survive in hot dry climate weather.

Herbs can live in hot climate weather but they have to be picked carefully. Make sure you do your research before planting them to make sure you can have a prefect garden you can cook with.

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