Step Up Your Landscape Design This Summer

Summer means it’s time to step up your yard — and give you a great opportunity to take your yard to the next level so you can enjoy your space during those warm summer nights. We’ve provided 5 design tips from our Landscape Design experts in Las Vegas.  Tips include some bigger ideas that are sure to please and smaller Las Vegas Landscaping tips that will help your dream yard fresh for years to come.

Indoor Living Outside

Many people want to enjoy the comfort of their home outside the same that they do inside.  Intuitively designed lights can be an excellent touch to create a warm atmosphere in your outdoor living space.  Whether you are sitting around a custom fire pit or descending or ascending into a softly lit sitting area, lighting is basic feature that will level up your landscape design and allow you to soak in your dream yard with your friends and family.

Design Comfy Area for Entertaining

The ability to invite over your friends and entertain while serving a great meal is a benefit of a great landscape design. Landscaping trends show us that intuitively designed sitting areas for small to large gatherings won’t go out of style any time soon.  If you want the perfect outdoor entertaining space, you may want to include a full-service kitchen and bar with a lounging area.  On the other hand, you may just want a custom BBQ.  If you really want to step it up, you could even include a TV for watching sporting events or having movie nights.  Lastly an awning can provide a relaxing, shaded area for daytime gatherings, so you can enjoy your yard all year long.

Make Use of Your Home Design

A great landscape design will flow just like a great home floor plan.  It is a great idea to take a look at the inside of your home first, you may find some design functionality that will lend itself to the outside of your home.  Of course, you will also want to consider the views from inside your home.  Ensuring that you have a pleasing view from your living room and bedroom windows can be half the enjoyment of having a beautifully landscaped yard in Las Vegas.  When it’s too hot to go outside you can still enjoy the views from your couch in an air-conditioned room and still get that peace and tranquility.

Keep Your Guests Comfortable with a Custom Firepit

Custom fire pits are not only aesthetically pleasing but are a functional addition to your landscape design as well.  A beautifully designed custom fire pit surrounded by custom pavers will provide a beautiful, comfortable and in the winter, a warm area for you, your family and friends to gather.

A Stunning Water Feature

A smartly placed water feature can bring together a whole landscape design.  Water features create a naturally peaceful environment with soothing sounds.  In addition to being an audio component of your design it creates an additional visual component as well.  Watch the reflection of flames from your custom firepit dance on the water or the ripples of the water create a meditative state.  Just like a custom fire pit a custom water feature is a natural gathering place sure to please.  

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