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Money Saving Tips

There are many time saving gardening tools and techniques used by professional landscapers. Use these ticks to make your landscaping time become more efficient and save money.
money saving tips

Use of Tarps

Tarps can be purchased from any local home good store and are very inexpensive. They can be used to move large amounts of lightweight bulky debris like leaves, weeds, brush and can even be used as packing materials for new purchased plants to bring home. Tarps also come in handy when digging a hole in the ground to keep your grass and patio clean. Why was more time cleaning your landscaping when you don’t have to?

Weed Fabric

Professional landscaping companies will use weed fabric strategically. It is most useful under gravel or mulch walkways. The fabric prevents the materials from sinking into the soil when wet. Many armature landscapers will use weed barrier fabric in planted areas which is a mistake because it only provides a short-term fix. The weeds will eventually grow in the mulch on top the fabric and you are back to having a weed issue. Save the money and time by avoiding this.

Natural Edging

Always try to make a natural edge around your back yard landscaping. This is more cost effective then buying plastic or metal edging and is much easier to maintain. Natural edging over time provides more flexibility for changes to the landscaping down the road unlike its purchased counterparts. Natural edging also gives your landscaping some curb appeal and useful to obtain particular looks desired.


A professional rule of thumb is to use starter fertilizer before planting anything in your yard. Starter fertilizer provides plants with a boost in natural ingredients to grow. It will also help the plant to root faster because most use beneficial fungi in them. Good starter fertilizer and good planting technique and habits will make all the difference on your landscaping staying plush and beautiful for years to come.

Bulk and Bagged

Knowing the difference between bulk and bagged mulch, soil, and stone will allow you to choose wisely on which one to use for your next landscaping project. Bulk materials are best when it can be dumped in the spot you want them and spread to cover the area. Bagged materials are used if it will be moved again after it’s poured. This trick will save a lot of time as well as save your wallet.

Quality Gardening Tools

Try to only purchase quality landscaping tools. Yes quality costs, but you won’t have to worry about breaking cheap landscaping tools on the first use. Spend the money and save the headache and buy quality landscaping tools.

Group Planting

Try to group your plantings into beds, islands, and much them with a thick layer if you have real grass in your landscaping. This will make mowing your yard, faster and easier without having to trim around individual plants.

Falling Leaves

Old leaves are useful covering for winter months in your garden. Use a bagging mower or shredder to grid up the leaves into one big pile of compost that can be used for later times. Grass is also useful but will need to have fertilizer added to it.

Do Soil Tests

Having your landscaping soil tested is a good way to not guess on fertilizing requirements. Soil test results will show the current conditions and what needs to be applied for your type of lawn, flower garden, vegetable crops, etc.

Plan Your Landscaping

You should always make a master plan for your landscaping ideas. Make steps and work in phases. This will keep your budget in check and make it easier to complete each small project in session. Once you are done with one part of your landscaping, move on to the next one and you will finish the overall job faster and easier..

Always Buy Enough

After you make a plan, make sure you purchase enough soil, plants, materials, and tools to do the landscaping job you are taking on. Always make sure you have enough materials to do the job on the first try to prevent headaches of not being able to finish the job or having to make repeat trips to the ­­­­­lawn and garden store.­­

Always try to follow these tips to make your next landscaping job a successful one. If you would rather have a professional landscaping company tackle your next job, please contact JTB Landscapers today to get a free estimate.

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