Custom Pavers

Some of our best memories are made in our own backyard. Having an inviting backyard is the first step in creating a space to enjoy time with friends and family. Where do you begin when it comes to landscape design? Of all the choices for landscapers in Las Vegas, JTB Landscapers is your safe bet for excellence, expertise, and creative landscape construction.

When designing a unique and beautiful landscape, custom pavers are an attractive addition to any space. A variety of looks can be achieved with landscape pavers. Here are a few ideas to try when planning your outdoor oasis.

Off Beat Placement
A fun and unique way to create visual interest involves scattering pavers in a seemingly haphazard pattern. This tactic can promote an exciting and artistic feel to your patio or other outdoor space. Try thinking outside the box to make a lasting impression on your guests.

Outdoor Spa
Ever noticed when you go to a spa, oftentimes natural materials are utilized to frame unnatural objects in order to promote oneness with nature? Consider creating an outdoor spa area. Use pavers to frame your hot tub, outdoor shower, or highlight an area for hammocks or lounge chairs. Come home from a long day and breathe in a sense of peace in your own backyard.

Hidden Hideaway
Sometimes it feels good to escape. Create a feeling of privacy and peace with a cozy area, just off the beaten path. Use landscape pavers to line the way to a remote corner of your property, where guests will find a refuge. Consider using pavers to add an interesting design to a fireplace area or to another space that can create a cozy ambiance for listening to cricket serenades. Landscape architecture is an easy way to create an intimate feel to your outdoor space.

Outdoor Flooring
Custom pavers can be used as a beautiful floor for your outdoor space. Different colors, shapes, and patterns can be utilized to create an artful touch to your patio. Possibilities are endless and our team of experts is the authority when it comes to capturing the feel of Las Vegas landscaping. Stand out from the crowd by making a statement with your outdoor design.

Increase your property value by up to 15% and level up your home’s curb appeal with an outdoor landscape worth talking about. Our team will guide you through the process, with our step by step approach. JTB Landscapers is proud to be your premier choice for Las Vegas landscaping.

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