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Xeriscaping, simplified, is creating a landscape designed to retain water. This is common in Las Vegas or really and dessert area. However, this is not to be confused with desert landscape. Because xeriscaping is used regardless of style. An example of xeriscaping is scene in a lot of asian countries with terracing. Xeriscaping allows for water to reach more of the landscape area, and can be achieved in many ways, but why is this important? With ultra-modern ideals of water conservation and keeping a sustainable, green environment, xeriscaping is quite possibly one of the most effective ways. Very often in Las Vegas you see one of three things, water wasting timed sprinklers, more conservative drip systems, or people who do virtually no upkeep of their gardens.

Here is where Desert Landscape comes in, while xeriscaping is cost effective, and helps achieve water conservation. Desert Landscape on its own requires little to no water. With a base of Rock Gardens, and stones, we are able to achieve water conservation without sacrificing beauty. We are also able to throw in drought tolerant plants like cacti, palm trees, joshua trees, and other succulents that don’t need much water to begin with. Giving your yard a more natural effect. But it is important that you know that we are still able to give you an effective traditional landscape, and conserve water if done correctly.