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I was sitting in my friends backyard this weekend, and When I looked at just beyond their pool there is the garden that we planted a few months ago, and most of the plants are dying. Or already dead, but they are not necessarily to blame. There was a previously installed drip system, and while it should have been effective at keeping their plants watered in a safe and cost effective way. It wasn’t doing what it should.

In the hot Vegas weather water evaporates very quickly, we looked at their timer, and it was set to go off one time, in the hottest part of the day. This allows water to evaporate before the plants are able to get any nutrients from the water or the soil. For any living thing water is important for its survival it keeps vital tissues in tact. Some plants like cacti are able to go a substantial amount of time without water because they have storage tanks in you will, reserves that allows the storage of water. But most of the plants in there garden are not succulents, we are still able to allow these plants to flourish in the harsh Las Vegas summer.

When watering plants the most effective times to water plants are an hour before sunrise and an hour before sunset. This allows water to get water without keeping it too moist for fungal growth which could present a new harm to your plants. You should water for a full two hours daily. This is true for both desert landscapes as well as traditional landscapes, and especially true for natural grasses.

Allowing your landscape to flourish through appropriate watering practices is a vital part of landscape maintenance. You can also contact us and ask about artificial grass, and drought resistant plants and we would be happy to update your landscape.