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Residential Services

Living in the Las Vegas desert with extreme hot temperatures can make yard work not only hard but also frustrating. Having the wrong landscaping can also be an annoyance when trying to entertain guest. All items can be the difference in your landscaping curb appeal which can in turn add value to your home.

JTB Landscapers offer residential landscaping services in the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City areas. These services include drip systems, irrigation lines, rock removal, decorative pavers, patio installations, fire pits, retention walls, artificial grass, real grass, stone walls, overhangs, outdoor living areas, plants, trees, gardens and more. We understand the importance of curb appeal and how your landscaping will add value to your home. Why deal with mowing a lawn in the summer sun when you can have antiracial grass you won't have to water or worry about cutting? Why have rocks in your back yard making your space unusable when you can have pavers to entrain guests? Allow a skilled landscaping designer to help you overhaul your current landscaping into to something more to your liking. We will make your landscaping ideas become a reality.

At JTB Landscapers we offer a variety of services and experience to serve you.






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