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Many homes in the Las Vegas valley use concrete driveways, but just because its what everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean it’s something you have to do. With JTB Landscapers you have options such as decorative pavers as an alternative to boring concrete driveways that easily crack, get stained and can become costly if having to repair.

Benefits of Decorative Pavers:

Durability – Decorative stone pavers are much more durable then concrete and by being made of individual stones it makes them crack free when cars drive over them. If they ever do have cracks and need to be replaced, you can replace the individual stones as opposed to the entire driveway.

No Stains – Pavers can be coated to allow stain proof top coating that can prevent staining from water damage, oil or other unwanted accidents.

Color Choices – Decorative pavers come in a variety of colors and styles to choose from making them matching your home and landscaping design a synch.

Pattern Designs – Why lay a simple pavers in a row when you have the ability to change the shape and patterns as you see fit. Perfect for customizing your landscaping and driveway.

Installation – You can install a landscaping job in a day. This ability allows pavers to be more affordable then concrete and easier to install with less time.

Decorative pavers are the way to making your home unique, have curb appeal and not to mention raise the value of your home.

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