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Having a plush landscape or a healthy garden, all depends on how healthy your soil may be. Some soil can lose nutrients over time form over watering or over planting. These nutrient deficient soil may cause your plants or garden to wither and die. Follow these steps to make sure your healthy soil stays healthy for your landscaping.

1. It is always a good idea to get your soil tested to make sure it still has its nutrients that plants need to survive. Soil tests are usually found at any local plant or garden provider.

2. At least once a year, it is very beneficial to turn two or three inches of compost into your planting areas, or top dress with a mixture of compost and mulch. If top dressing, use about one inch of compost or mulch.

3. Always keep Wood chips, dry leaves, pine needles, or coarse compost for all planting areas and cover them with at least two inches of mulch.

4. If you have a vegetable gardens, rotate crops when possible or alternate with cover crops. This allows the soil to stay healthy with new nutrients being added to the soil as the vegetables grow.

5. Never try to use herbicides but if you must, use them as a last resort. If you have continuous pest problems, it is wise to research Integrated Pest Management and look for less abrasive options to get rid our your unwanted pests.

For more information about soils and optimum growing conditions, consult a certified professional landscaper or nursery professional in your area.

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