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Welcome to JTB Landscapers

JTB Landscapers is a leader in commercial and residential landscaping and is privately owned and operated by its founder, Jon Banning. Jon has extensive experience in the landscaping industry for over 20 years and recognized the need for a reliable, high quality full service landscaping company in the greater Las Vegas area. Mr. Banning was able to use his skills and craftsmanship to produce award winning landscape design as well as grow is business to become a leader in the landscaping industry.

From river rock and decorative stones to fire pits and artificial grass, JTB Landscapers has the capabilities and skills to make your landscaping dreams a realty. No job is to big or to small for our team of skilled experts.

We specialize in landscape design, brick pavers, artificial grass, irrigation installations, turf installations, retaining walls, fire pits, and even fish ponds. Contact us to allow our design to meet with you for a free landscaping estimate.

Our Landscaping Services


JTB Landscapers is proud to lead the industry with its vast knowledge and experience to overcome any landscaping need.  Our team will meet you on site, and go over options and ideas for any lawn or backyard project, free of charge.

JTB Landscapers constant mission is to produce amazing craftsmanship at affordable prices perfect for any landscaping budget. We pride ourselves in having transparency, fairness, and integrity on every job for every one of our customers.

We use the best products on the market

JTB Landscapers uses a wide variety of products with the experience and skills to install them:

  • Brick
  • Pavers
  • Boulders
  • Fieldstone
  • Flagstone
  • River Rock
  • Concrete
  • Cobblestone
  • Fire Pits
  • Ponds
  • Walls & Much, Much more

Connect with Us

  •   I am very impressed with the customer service offered by JTB Landscapers. Jon has personally answered any questions I have about landscaping. This is a very well run company where the customer, quality products and high quality craftsmanship come first.

    It is very refreshing to see a principled business. These guys know how to treat people well and build great landscapes. They do not rush the job. My yard took them several days to complete. By the time they were done, they totally earned my business.

    I cannot say enough good things about this company. It was shocking how high the quality of the putting green they put in my backyard was. I felt like I was on the 18th hole of the Masters. And the drainage system they installed was top notch. I no longer have issues with mosquitos.

    After a few days, I decided I wanted to add some more pavers. Jon shot right back out. Kyle helped oversee the install. All of the work was done in-house, no subcontractors. And after the final product was done, they checked up to make sure I was satisfied.

    I highly recommend this company to anyone who wants high quality landscaping done on their home or business. Thanks for all of your hard work JTB Landscapers!

    thumb Chris B.
  •   I dont usually stop to do this but this company has worked on my home and several rentals that I own and they always do what they say - there work is great - I have had several landscapers before them and they are the first company I can really trust

    thumb Bob D.
  •   After Jon and Kyle at JTB installed the lawn and pavers in June I started maintaining the lawn myself. Both were professionally installed and looked great, so I wanted to keep them that way.

    I am not a novice having cut and maintained my parents, my, and some elderly neighbors lawns in Sacramento CA for 20 years, and my father passed down some knowledge from his lifetime as a state landscape manger, and he even majored in botany in college. All that couldn't save the lawn from a rain that occurred during my 10 day vacation, so I called JTB Landscapers for assistance.

    We both agreed that I needed to hire professional help to maintain the lawn, since Las Vegas is very different than CA, and can be very fickle with lawns. They gave me a list of 4 recommended lawn maintenance providers explaining the inside information about each. The yelp reviews for each company matched the details provided by Kyle, so seems to be a very accurate list of options.

    Jon and Kyle at JTB Landscapers stood by their 1 year warranty and offered to not only replace the entire lawn, but to install a drain which would help reduce the chance of the rain issue repeating. Furthermore the regular maintenance of a professional will ensure the delicate balance of water and sun is maintained to keep the lawn healthy in this desert. Kyle even provided his personal cell phone number and gave me permission to call with any questions, concerns, or lawn inquiries to keep it looking good.

    The original install and warranty replacement both went extremely fast, and they didn't hesitate to schedule the warranty replacement when I voiced my concerns. They truly stand by their work and customer satisfaction.

    Anyone considering a large or small landscape upgrade for improved home value or simply enjoyment should not hesitate to contact Jon and Kyle. They were not the cheapest of the 3 quotes I received, but they have proven to be the best. And if I had the above problems with the cheapest provider I am certain they wouldn't have provided the excellent level of service and craftsmanship that Kyle and Jon did. I am more concerned with Value, and from my extensive research and personal experience I can attest that JTB is the top value provider at an affordable price. Highly recommended.

    Take a look at how great the lawn looks and the new drains to help keep it looking that way.

    thumb David S.
  •   I've lived in my home 26 years and have all types of contractors and trades do work for me. But I must say, that in a general sense, not contractor has performed overall as well as JTB Landscape.  Hands Down! John T Banning, the owner, his brother Kyle and their amazing crew did a complete tear out an transformation of my landscape. The crew works like an well-oiled machine. They are on time and so fast and efficient, and will do whatever needs to be done to satisfy you. John Banning says what he will do, and does what he says.  Everyone goes the extra mile to make you happy. Kind of like working with family or friends, only better!  No hassles, no need for follow-up, worries, phone calls.  It all kind of magically got done in a day and a half! Compliments have been coming in all day from my neighbors, and even the security patrol officer loved it.  I even gave JTB business cards to my Real Estate Agent. I don't think they or anyone else, should have to look any further for their landscape needs. I know I won't.  John G.

    thumb John G.
  •   After 2 days 3 messages I can't even get a call back to get a estimate! How reliable can they be? If that's an example of their business practice they don't need mine and everyone reading this should think about it! Very unprofessional!

    thumb Stella C.
  •   They are very patient with me, I ask tons of questions.... again and again. They took the time to work with my boyfriend and me to get what we wanted for a very respectable price. Kyle was very help at Star Nursery when I was picking out the plants. The team of gentleman worked very hard. I am so thankful, now not only my boyfriend and I but my son will have a beautiful living space in our backyard!! I would recommend them to EVERYONE!!

    thumb Lindsay M.
  •   From start-up to clean-up, John, Kyle, & all the guys were professional and did a wonderful job on our yard.  We are doing our backyard in phases, & they helped us with our plan, and kept our pricing reasonable.  We can't say enough wonderful things about the entire process and how happy we are with our experience, start to finish.  I would highly recommend them to anyone and we will continue to use them to create our vision.

    thumb Jennifer F.
  •   My large paver patio was installed early March.  It is very lovely and a great improvement over our flagstone area.  The workers were on time, worked hard and efficiently. They were polite and helpful.  The equipment was great, up to date and well handled.  The finished job was more than we expected and I love my new patio.
    Barb P.

    This review was placed yesterday and somehow only two stars showed up.  
    We received five star service all around. Im so sorry for the mistake. CM

    thumb Cindy M.
  •   JTB landscapers are awesome it only took them 12 1/2 hours to totally transform my yard. Jon was great when talking to him about ideas he wasn't pushy, reasonable on price and even helped to save a few bucks by reusing pavement I already had, that there speaks volumes about his ethics. So if your looking to get your yard front back or side to side done I would personally recommend and vouch for this company.

    thumb LaNinja C.
  •   So I am reposting my review with a copy of the estimate, because I am appalled that the owner claimed that they didn't have direct interaction with a customer and Yelp removed my review.
    If the owner feels that his estimate was a fair market value, then leave the review and let your prospective customers have an idea of the rates that you charge. I did not make any false claims!

    I am only writing the review based on a ridiculous quote that was left with my husband today for 29K with a "generous" 3K discount for 26K WITHOUT plants.

    I was shocked, as most for the quotes have ranged between 5-7k for the same work, including the plants.

    I am not sure how they come up with these outrageous quotes...this could be someone's annual salary! Do they honestly think people have no clue about how much things cost or do they think people are actually that stupid?

    Thanks, but no thanks.

    thumb Marianna P.

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